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Mobile Developper
Location: USA
Company: Dealcheat


I am a UX / UI Designer, I am starting a brand new project MVP that would like to release soon.

We have all Marketing covered, potential investors in our network, and a possibility to reach millions of users once the app is complete by a partnership we have with another app.

I have layout out a flow for this app that I will share with you as well as the design for it.

As we are trying to minimize the cost and time, there are a limited amount of features for V1 MVP.

We are searching for an Intern Developper that will help us launch our MVP. We are ready to give a small fixed rate for this project but the main part of the reward will come as such:

  • Experience while building this product with us and the possibility to grow with the product.
  • Pie charts system of shares. Send us an invoice we will translate that into equity.
  • Exposure to Firebase
  • Monetary profit if the product starts generating

Please contact us if interested.

Thank you

Job posted on 22nd January 2019-01-22T20:40:06.004 2019-02-22T20:40:06.004

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