Senior Developer that want to push Flutter Desktop forward
Location: Remote 🥳
Company: Superlist

We’re a team of highly motivated people that came together to challenge how collaboration and team management software works. Our team is a remote-first, international, and experienced group of individuals. We value self-organization and taking over responsibilities and new challenges. You can read a bit about your journey so far at The Verge.

About us

Company name: Superlist


Country: Europe

Company info and history: You can look at our original pitch deck to get more background info.

About the job

Job title: Senior Flutter Desktop Engineer

Job description: We've been pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Flutter Desktop for over a year now. We released packages like SuperEditor and NativeShell to bring the missing pieces to the Flutter ecosystem. We're into clean architecture, being pragmatic and just writing beautiful code that feels like poetry. We are looking for more experienced developers that want to challenge what is possible with Flutter Desktop. Our team build beautiful Flutter apps like Philips Hue or Reflectly in the past, our current journey is to build the best offline-first task and project management application on the planet.

Salary range: 65-95k EUR + equity

Position on remote work: remote 🥳

Qualifications or experience required: primary requirement is to be a good and ego-less human being, we value team chemistry over experience. But having a few years of professional Flutter experience won’t hurt. Other than that, you should enjoy clean architecture, not overengineer things and always thrive to find a healthy balance between pragmatism and doing it "the right way"™.

What the successful job applicant will be working on: We're focusing on Desktop and mobile apps at this point. Making each user interaction flawless and run smooth on 60 frames is a requirement. We allow people to work as holistically on our tech stack as they want to. Ever wanted to work on Elixir in the Backend and then implement the Flutter front-end? Be our. guest. Only want to make our widgets animations super smooth? We have a place for that as well. We expect your to be our first user and build an app that works for you - and therefor for the rest of the world.

About the interview process

We will have a number of chats. First with the CTO, then with some of the developers and if everyone gives a thumbs up, we’re happy to jump into actual working together. We do not believe in code challenges or other shenanigans. We will be straightforwards and unfiltered with you, you should be straightforward and unfiltered with us. If we think it makes sense for both sides, we’ll start working.

It’s not our intention to waste your time - in the end you need to see if we’re a good fit for you as well as you are a good fit for us. If that’s the case, let’s get going. Please also not waste ours. If you're a junior with no decent exposure on building apps, please don't contact us. We will open up more junior positions in the future - but right now we won't have the bandwith to give you an environment to grow. We need individuals that solved some of the challenges ahead for us in the past - either in Flutter or in any other language.

Further info

See the “official” job posting:

Job posted on 22nd November 2021-11-22T12:58:44.644 2022-01-07T12:58:46.024

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