Flutter/Dart Developer
Location: Remote
Company: Meritas Tech

We are looking for a motivated Flutter/Dart Developer interested in being part of a fast-growing fintech start-up. The perfect candidate is someone that is highly creative and motivated, and who can lead the design of the platform’s UI/UX. The candidate will work towards improving the platform, ensuring everything is working and, most importantly, on developing the front-end for new features. Examples of new features include adding a finance news page, automating the Meritas Job Board, adding push notifications, adding user-to-user chat, enhancing the profile views, etc. The developer will mainly work with our development agency to ensure that our requests are being complied with. The position is for a full-time, remote employment opportunity. The Meritas platform includes our website, www.Meritastech.com, as well as both an Android and iOS app. The back-end is coded in C# and the front-end is primarily in JavaScript. Experience in JavaScript is preferred, though not necessary. Knowledge of Flutter/Dart is mandatory. We are going after the best brightest and most motivated candidates, not necessarily the people with experience with our specific technologies.

Job posted on 16th July 2021-07-16T20:31:44.111 2021-07-26T20:31:45.500

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