App for athletic e-bike company
Location: Remote - company in Munich, Germany
Company: CodingPassion GmbH

Hey Flutter lovers,

my name is Niklas, I am the CTO of CodingPassion. We are searching for a Junior and a Senior Flutter developer, that supports us at our current app project for the company FAZUA is a designing, developing and manufacturing e-bikes for the more athletic e-bikers out there. There unique motor-battery component makes it possible to turn your e-bike into a normal bike and and back, because you can easily remove the motor-battery component with one clip. They are then selling this motor-bike component to the bike brands like, Trek, Canyon, Scott, Lapierre, Focus, Centurion, Bergamont and many more. I can only recommend to check out their website, they are really awesome!!!

We are very fortunate, because we are not only working with a company that has an amazing product. But we can also say that they are very relaxed client to work with. In other words, they are pretty cool dudes.

The app that we are working on, started out to be an app where FAZUAs customers can adjust the driving behavior of the bike, like how much the motor should support you or the reaction speed of the motor. But the goal is to make the app more and more the control center of the app, with Firmware Updates, Error Analysis, etc.

The app is developed in Flutter (Dart) using Firestore as the backend. The communication with the bike happens using Bluetooth Low Energy (so any BLE experience welcome). We are a small and agile SCRUM team, consisting of mostly 2-3 developers, one scrum master, a UI/UX designer and a product owner.

We try to live the following things in our development culture:

- We love writing tests

- We practice Test Driven Development

- We do code reviews to learn from each other

- We fix bugs before introducing new features

- We ship often

The whole project is in english. Therefor good english skills are a requirement.

If this project and team sounds like something you would like to support. Please leave me a message!

Best wishes,


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