Flutter developer with Beacon ranging experience
Location: Remote - company in New York City, NY, USA
Company: zachis.it

We have a first-to-market application actively under development, written in Flutter with no native plugins. We're using the `flutter_beacon` package to determine Beacons in range and we use this information for further logic in our app. We're experiencing issues with Beacons and range results (beacons constantly going out of range even when the Beacon is next to the device - among other issues) that is halting our development.

We're looking for a Flutter developer with proven Beacon experience to help us navigate our existing implementation with this plugin and to determine next steps if a native solution has to be developed.

Job posted on 16th July 2021-07-16T20:20:37.003 2021-07-26T20:20:37.703

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