Flutter Technical Interviewer
Location: Remote
Company: Remotesome

About the Company:

Talent is everywhere. Opportunities are not.

At Remotesome, we are on a mission to help thousands of engineers around the world find their full-time next remote job.

Through a unique vetting process, we are helping engineers showcase their skills so we can recommend them to emerging and promising companies around the world.

We have numerous appraisals of engineers for which we have found life-changing jobs as well as happy companies who couldn’t believe how many great engineers we help them bring on board.

We are looking for an experienced Flutter Developer with technical interviewing or screening experience to join our team and help us with vetting software engineers.

Our current flow for the candidate is:

- They will be performing a short 20-30min long coding quiz.

- They will be attending a ~55 minute Technical Interview (Live coding with a practical task during which we'll evaluate the candidate's performance not just based on results but also on their your development process)

It's a great opportunity because:

- You will get an insight into our interviewing approach which gets praised by engineers.

- We put an emphasis on constantly improving and making interviews better and better.

- You’ll help us set best practices for interviews and help us craft new tasks.

- Flexible working schedule.

What you'll do:

- You will be creating a vetting process for Mobile Flutter Developers.

This means:

-> Preparing questions to evaluate candidates on their theoretical knowledge for the coding quiz and;

-> Creating practical tasks for candidates to implement live during the technical interview.

- You will also be performing Technical Interviews and evaluating candidates during the interview.


- 4 years of experience in software development.

- You have built apps for iOS and Android using Flutter.

- Ability to recognize talented engineers and evaluate candidates based on their output.

- You should be familiar with a few different architectural designs to help you recognize standards and standard code.

- You have experience with technical interviewing or you have been conducting interviews in previous/actual jobs.

- You are organized and punctual.

- Fluent in English, both in written and oral form.

Bonus points:

-  Has experience with other mobile languages and frameworks such as Swift/iOS, Java/Kotlin/Android, React Native, or Xamarin

-  Did north of 50 technical interviews in your lifetime


- Competitive salary: $25-$35 per interview

- Work in the comfort of your home. This job is 100% remote.

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