Software Engineer
Location: Remote
Company: Snupps

About Snupps

Snupps is a community for collectors, connecting people through extraordinary brands and objects. Users can organize personal possessions, discover, join communities and buy & sell. Our iOS App has been featured in the iTunes store, and the Android App was selected as a top-5 UK Android App by Google Editors. Snupps scaled to 500K retained users who have uploaded more than 12M items with $325M estimated GMV.  We are now launching a new subscription product that leverages Snupps easy data capture and flexible curation tools, and seeks to fundamentally change how businesses track and manage inventory and assets. We have plans to scale it through channel integrations and enterprise sales. 

We built a basic Flutter app that is a technical proof-of-concept demonstrating end-to-end integration with our existing backend. The Flutter App can handle all our use cases as seen on our current Apps (Android; iOS). The project will initially make it a feature-complete client implementation suitable for launch in App stores, and will continue through various iterations as the business seeks to scale.

Job Description

We are seeking a talented and versatile software engineer to join a small team to help build business asset tracking and inventory management service available across our  iOS, Android and Web applications. We work in a collaborative environment that lays emphasis on delivering utility to our users, and designing and implementing the best possible user experience.  

The candidate will be responsible for close collaboration within our CTO and Head of Product to deliver substantial contributions toward the design and implementation of our Apple Store and Google Play apps. The candidate must have a demonstrated track record with end-to-end mobile app deliveries in Flutter, and have experience releasing iOS and Android applications.  The candidate will be expected to solve problems, and quickly master new technologies as our platform and needs evolve. Specific tasks will include technical analysis, negotiation of feature implementation approach with product designers, implementation, dev test, and debugging.


A successful candidate will have the following responsibilities:

  • Develop an easy and engaging user experience for a technically sophisticated consumer application;
  • Follow product design specifications in detail, and negotiate implementation where appropriate;
  • Closely coordinate technical design decisions with development team;
  • Manage and prioritise work against backlog tracker and defect tracker;
  • Coordinate test/retest with QA.

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Experience with Flutter covering design, development, release, maintenance;
  • Degree in computer science or equivalent, with excellent academic background;
  • Solid understanding of the fundamentals of computer science and software development;
  • Passion for product quality and attention to detail;
  • Production experience with multiple mobile platforms a strong plus;
  • Production experience with Swift and/or RxJava a plus.

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