Flutter Dev
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA, or remote
Company: FriendGammon

FriendGammon is a multiplayer backgammon app. We've built an MVP, and are looking for an engineer to complete a list of improvements and build a gambling feature.

Responsibilities include:

- improving customer experience by continuously implementing new features, optimizing user flows, and increasing technical performance

- shipping cross-platform application for Android and iOs

- research and identify new frameworks, libraries, techniques and strategies to be used to build world class mobile apps

- stay up to date on play/app store requirements and mobile application capabilities and trends

- collaborate with our user experience (UX) team and our designers to identify and solve key usability challenges

- develop integrations with various 3rd party tools and data platforms

- actively work with our backend team to define and implement APIs and rule sets for data access

- participate in code reviews

Current stack:

Backend is Elixir database Postgres.

AI implemented with tensorflow / python and AI model is served with tensorflow

Integrations with Twilio for SMS and OneSignal for push notifications

Candidates must:

- have strong written and verbal communication skills

- fluent in english

- live in the United States, or be willing to work on a West Coast timezone

- be available 40 hours / week

- prior experience with Flutter is a major plus, but not a requirement.

- strong love for backgammon :) 

Job posted on 20th November 2020-11-20T22:32:58.363 2020-11-30T22:32:59.194

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