Flutter Dev
Location: Remote - company in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Company: FriendGammon

IMPORTANT: This position is fully remote, but you must be either located in EU or PST +/- 3 hours. Please do not submit if you don't fit these criteria.

To ensure you've read this, please put "Flutter Dev - your location" in the subject line of your email :)

Who are we?

FriendGammon is a beautifully designed multiplayer backgammon app. We are looking for a creative and driven individual to help us build a gambling feature, and more.


·      Improving the customer experience by continuously implementing new features, optimizing user flows, and increasing technical performance

·      Be responsible for shipping cross-platform application for Android and iOS

·      Use your experience in front-end technologies to identify frameworks, libraries, techniques and strategies to be used to build world class mobile apps

·      Stay always up to date on Play/App store requirements and mobile application capabilities and trends

·      Collaborate with our user experience (UX) team and our designers to identify and solve key usability challenges

·      Develop integrations with various 3rd party tools and data platforms

·      Actively work with our backend team to define and implement APIs and rule sets for data access

·      Participate in code reviews with other team members


·      You have 3+ years of experience in building customer-facing applications

·      You have 1+ years experience working with Flutter 

·       Strong verbal and written communication skills.

·      You have 1+ years of experience working with postgres database elixir or similar

·      Strong love for backgammon :)

Nice to have but not required:

·      Experience building a game app or website

·      Ability to work with AI (tensorflow)


·      Mixture of equity and cash


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