Flutter Developer
Location: Remote - company in Chicago, IL, USA
Company: Codelessly

About Us

Codelessly is a design and development automation company. We believe that design and development can be immensely improved with better tools, processes, and machine learning. Our goal is to shorten the product creation process from months to hours. Together with your help, we can create the next productivity revolution and horizontally scale knowledge.

Starting with app and website UIs, we are building a Figma design to Flutter code converter. We believe in solving base essential problems and building a solid technical platform from which to grow.

Codelessly is fully remote.

Our Culture

People work for startups because of the mission, the freedom, and the flexibility. As a startup, our culture is shaped by the people who work here and you\'ll play an important role.

Believe in Better Solutions

Everyone at Codelessly has a deep understanding of the problems and is empowered to come up with solutions. We solve foundational problems and build from the ground up. We are not satisfied with the status quo and believe we can build something better.

Beautiful Design and Development

Codelessly exists at the intersection of design and development. We care about well architectured code and also gradients, drop shadows, and rounded corners.


We are fully remote and hire anywhere in the world. You set your working hours. All we ask is that you are available for our weekly team building meeting.

About the Role

We are currently hiring for a part-time Flutter developer to join us in building our Flutter App UI and Website Builder. You'll be a core member of the team and the work you do will give our users (developers) tens of thousands of hours of increased productivity.


  • A core belief that current website and app builders are severely lacking.
  • 3+ years of mobile development or software engineering experience.
  • Expertise in one Flutter area (i.e. RenderObjects, code generation, custom UIs)
  • 1+ years of Flutter experience.
  • Open source Flutter contributions.
  • Experience with a state management system (Provider, Bloc, flutter_bloc, Mobx)

Day to Day

  • Building new features and improving the existing codebase.
  • Mapping data conversions between design and code.
  • Creating new UIs and builders to generate code.

Bonus Points

  • Knowledge of the Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD API.
  • Experience building, maintaining, or otherwise contributing to open source projects.

Core Tech Stack

  • Flutter
  • Firebase

If you love Flutter and the Flutter community, this is your opportunity to scale your expertise and benefit thousands of users. Even if you don't meet all the requirements, we’d love to have you apply and get to know you better!

To apply please send an email with your name and Github profile to ray@codelessly.com

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