Flutter internship
Location: Remote - company in UK
Company: Cash Coach

We are offering a 4 to 6 months internship for a highly motivated software engineer trainee.

We can't offer much money (only $200/m), however we can offer you to learn the software engineering skills that even the world best universities won't teach you. We are a team of ex-IBM, pwc, UBS and serial entrepreneurs, and we will massively invest in you.

We don't expect you to have much experience, but we want to invest only in candidates who have oustanding problem solving skills and able to learn very quickly.

In our team, you can expect fun, adrenaline, and the ability to gamify finance for millions of people.

If coding feels like work or if you are not excited by our mission, this role is not for you.

Our mission

Cash Coach is on a mission to gamify personal finance to make millennials great at managing money. We are turning saving into a competitive game, and developing the best analytics to help millennials adopt better spending behaviours.

Your missions

  • Learn about the best practices in terms of software testing and architecture
  • Implement new game mechanics that will make finance fun to manage
  • Find and kill all the bugs you can
  • Be an active Cash Coach ambassador

Your skills

  • You know the fundamentals of data structure and version control
  • You have side projects to showcase your skills (github or other)
  • You are analytical, driven and get stuff done

Your education

  • You either are studying Computer Science degree or are self-taught developer
  • You learned OOP, statically typed languages (C/C++, Java, ...) and databases (SQL or No SQL)

If you love coding from morning till night, then you will learn how to efficiently build cutting edge products.

Starting date: as soon as possible.

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