Flutter Developer
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Company: Stealth Mode Fintech

 Fintech start-up that is challenging the way banks currently process transactions. The goal is to redesign and modernize their underlying payment infrastructure using brand new technology and principles. If successful, this infrastructure will be used by billions of people worldwide.

The technology our client is developing will be a huge advance in the banking systems in place today. They are well-funded and already have traction with some of the biggest banks in the world (HSBC, BNP Paribas etc.).

We're looking for a Senior Software Developer with experience developing in Flutter - this will be a completely green-field project and it will serve and the companies infrastructure and base for the future.


- Experience developing in Flutter​ in a substantial way, either as a previous job, major open source contributor, significant personal projects of merit, etc.

- Passion for and evangelism of Flutter​, the community, and the ecosystem.

- 5+ years experience​ developing in progressive web applications targeting mobile-first build targets, such as React and React Native


- Experience with Python, Go, Docker, Kubernetes, gRPC in a production setting

- 10 years of experience in Software Engineering roles

- Fierce personal passion to transform their equity into something of significant value for themselves and the world


- An onsite role, with one day scheduled as optional work-from-home

- The salary target range is $150k-$200k max + with equity

- A signing bonus is possible but total comp will not exceed the max.

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