Flutter Developer
Location: Dresden/Berlin, Germany, or remote
Company: Fastic

Hello, we are Fastic! 👋

We help to improve people‘s life by changing their habits and thoughts.

We are seeking ambitious, self-motivated engineers with experience in cross-platform mobile development (iOS, Android) to help us launch industry leading mobile apps for large customer bases. Applicants should enjoy working in a fast paced and customer-oriented environment.

In this role, you will…

  • Improving the customer experience by continuously implementing new features, optimizing user flows, and increasing technical performance
  • Be responsible for shipping cross-platform application for Android and iOS
  • Use your experience in front-end technologies to identify frameworks, libraries, techniques and strategies to be used to build world class mobile apps
  • Stay always up to date on Play/App store requirements and mobile application capabilities and trends to be able to help inform Product teams on possible roadmap features, including implementation breakdowns and prototypes
  • Collaborate with our user experience (UX) team and our designers to identify and solve key usability challenges for multiple applications
  • Develop integrations with various 3rd party tools and data platforms
  • Actively work with our backend team to define and implement APIs and rule sets for data access
  • Participate in code reviews with other team members

What makes us a great match? 😍

  • You have 3+ years of experience in building customer-facing applications
  • You had first touch points with Flutter and Dart – including widget creation, state management, animations and 3rd party library integration
  • You have experience in publishing and managing mobile apps in the Apple App Store/Google Play Store
  • You have experience with Firebase services like Auth, Analytics, Firestore, and Crashlytics
  • You write well-structured, efficient and maintainable code and actively keep the quality of the code base in check
  • You have a strong understanding of UI/UX principles and a critical, detail-oriented eye for design and mobile UIs
  • You have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • You have the ability to analyze problems and implement solutions that trade off architectural, usability, performance, reliability, scalability, level-of-effort, and time-to-market
  • You have the ability to think/work creatively, independently and as part of a team
  • You are passionate about continually up-skilling and learning new technologies
  • You have strong verbal and written communication skills

What you get out of it: 🌟

  • Collaborate with outstanding people: We only hire the best. Our quality standards are high and our employees enjoy working alongside other high achievers
  • Office space in Berlin and Dresden
  • Flexibility in terms of working hours
  • Take on responsibilities quickly within an agile team
  • Shape our product, see results quickly and contribute to the growth of Fastic

If you’re interested in this job, start your application with exactly this sentence:

“Hey Thomas, I’m the mobile rockstar that you are looking for!”

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