Backend Engineer
Location: Barcelona, Spain, or remote
Company: Friend Theory

Friend Theory is a social network built entirely on Flutter that enables you to find a friend who can help you anywhere in the world. We do this by making it easy and fun to reach out to your network of friends, friends of friends, and community members so you can ask and help your network with anything you need, from tips, to exchanging information, or sharing experiences through a meetup.

About the role:

You will be joining a tight and efficient 4 people flutter team where your role will be leading the backend development of Friend Theory where you’ll be able to do what you do best: build software, and build fast. Ideally, you will be based in Barcelona but will have the flexibility to set your own hours and work remotely if you need.

Your main responsibilities will be:

– Create the data models required to support the Friend Theory products

– Develop the Friend Theory REST API according to new features needs

– Maintain and improve existing API code base where required

– Ensure software engineering best practices are followed

– Create a test plan for the API, and implement it

– Externalise some code currently in the API code base to run


– Assist with Web/Mobile front-end development if required

Skills we are excited about:

– JAVA development

– Algorithmic

– Spring Boot

– Hibernate

– Relational databases


– Graph databases, graph theory

– Neo4J

– Kubernetes

– Flutter & Dart

Nice to have:

– Experience working with Agile methodology


– Data science

– Cloud computing

– Machine learning

– Knowledge of web technologies, NodeJS, Javascript, VueJS

– Experience working with mobile video/audio streaming

If you have a craving for startups, entrepreneurship and working on an international context with a very ambitious mindset, make sure to reach out and don’t miss out on this opportunity 🙂

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