Remote Flutter Developer
Location: Daegu, South Korea, or remote

* Who we are

We are a company in Daegu, South Korea.

this company ran on 3 years. and already has sufficient cash-cow.

And we start a new project for the better purpose of the company, and more income.

* What is our project

The market is travel.

I know the travel market is red-ocean, but I figured out a new narrow road.

When people plan a new trip, the app will re-organize much information. and this app can mix the many features what supply by so many other apps. thus, people can be got convenience.

Already 3 remote crew join in here.

Those people live in NewZealand and Costa Rica.

* Salary

You can choose one of these. part-time or full-time.

## 1) part-time

Working Hour: 3.5 hours per day (17.5 hours per week)

Wage: $340 weekly

## 2) full-time

Working Hour: 7 hours per day (35 hours per week)

Wage: $705 weekly


I will send salary using PayPal in every Friday on the week.

Let me know your PayPal account.

* Your role

Communicate with people in Slack, Notion and other tools.

Develop a client app using Flutter. (UI Development, Make Module using BLoC or Provider)

Server-side setting. AWS or Firebase.

Follow our agile flow(Sprint, Kanban)

Send to me your weekly report through email each Friday, It's fine just a few lines.

* Period

The period will be not certain.

If there are not any announced, The contract will be auto-extend in every Friday.

If there are shut down of contract, It must be announced 7days before.

* What you should send to me

Please send me your C.V.

It must contain your job history and specifics about your development.

Maybe Linked in and GitHub will be helping too.

< ceo@comandkey.com >

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